Experience the refreshing embrace of mountain coolness combined with the comforting warmth of home at our establishment. Step away from the city crowds into a haven where mountains, forests, and sea breeze converge, creating a haven for you to inhabit. With a comfortable climate offering coolness in summer and warmth in winter, zero humidity, and a familial connection with nature, we extend our heartfelt hospitality to you in this unique location. Situated 70 km away from Antalya city center, amidst the beauty of Kas-Kalkan Olympos, Phaselis Termessos-Patara Antalya, Perge-Aspendos, our locale boasts proximity to an array of tourist attractions.

Perched approximately 950m above sea level, the sea is merely a 15-minute journey from our doorstep. At NARA RESORT, we offer an idyllic retreat, allowing you to unwind, inhale the constant mountain and forest air, relish in organic produce, and cultivate meaningful connections within a warm and inviting ambiance.

NARA RESORT presents itself as a picturesque village atop the summit, affording captivating views of the sea, forest, and mountains. Our guest house features 15 rooms arranged amidst lush gardens. The amenities include round-the-clock access to invigorating hot water, as well as a reliable hot-cold air conditioning system. For your convenience, indulge in our sumptuous breakfast spreads and savor a variety of home-cooked dishes. Notably, our 'Fish Salad' stands as a signature dish among the diverse flavors that await you at NARA RESORT.

Key Features:

Tranquil Mountain Hotel Atmosphere

Wholesome, Organic Breakfast

24/7 Hot Water Availability

Comfortable Air-Conditioned Rooms

House-crafted Wines

Delectable Homemade Meals

Abundant Recreational Space and Expansive Gardens

Service Philosophy Rooted in Exceeding Customer Expectations


Beycik, quiet, calm, yet undiscovered mountain village Olympos Bey Mountains National Park in the field and on the Lycian Way 70km south-west of Antalya 800-1000m above sea level on the slopes of Beydaglari In the hot summer refreshing, refreshing air 3km from the sea as the crow flies, 20 minutes by car.


Beycik turnoff from the main road that connects Antalya Finike shown. There are approximately 6km from the village of Beycik here.

Some of the places of interest can be reached on foot:

» Çınaraltı Restaurant
» Beycik Bistro Restaurant
» Panorama Restaurant
» Russian bath

Beycik Dagdibi, Basoren Mah. KEMER / ANTALYA / TURKEY
+90(533) 352 17 68    /    +90(242) 816 10 68    /    +90(532) 348 43 48    /    info@beyciknararesort.com.tr

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